Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have not got that much put away,how is it getting sofar out of hand?OK,going to do a full inventory this weekend.Been on a dehydrating benge,nothing is safe from me.Got green pepper,onions,some corn,bananas,hot chilli peppers,,working on apples and a score I got on strawberries.This week has been a real pain at work,some folks should not be allowed to touch a computer.LOL,you don't want to know.Found a pressure canner at a yard sale,$35.It is a 22 quart,still in the box.Going to try it out canning some beans.Wish me luck have not canned in way tomany years.

The Ferret


  1. Oh Lord here he goes again.i dont want any canned collards this time,took us almost a year to eat them all last time.


  2. HeHe I know,when he moved I got most of his food stores,still eating off of it.Bet he blows up the canner.

  3. Good to see you 2 still around.And no smart ass did not blow it up 7 jars in and 7 jars out and sealed.Janice,I don't think I could grow collards on a bet down here,but I am sure Rat still has some.Have eather of you seen K lately?his e-mail is bounceng,if you see him have him hit me up.