Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tools and Crap

Sorry folks,it has been one of those 60+ hour weeks at work.When I started this job there were 6 people in the IT dept.,we are now down to 2 and they will not replace the others.GRrrrr,,there is a reason work is a four letter word.

After two divorces and being flooded out one time you think I would get used to starting over.It Sucks!! Rant today is tools,never think about them tell you need one.Building some shelves today,looked around and find I don't have what I need.When it is 80+ miles to the nearest real hardwear store that kind of bites.Here is my basic "must have tool" list.Feel free to add any I forgot.I need all the help I can get ;)

Carpenter’s hammers x2 Framming hammers 16oz and add a smaller one

Set of screwdrivers (with spares never can find the right size when you need it

Wrench set both metric and standard (open and box ended)

Ratchet sets (standard and metric,+ sets of deepwell sockets)

Allen Wrenches standard and metric

Crow bars various sizes

Nail puller/pry bar various sizes

Axes X2 and a splitting maul

Sledge hammer + wedges

Hatchet X2

Auger + bits (Brace and bits)

Hand drill + bits (not the high speed bits)

Come-a-long X2

Couple of Pulley sets

Chains and Cables assorted types and sizes

Shovels X2 (flat and pointed maybe a grain shovel too around here)


Swing Blade and/or a sickle

Post-hole diggers

Manual fence post driver (after setting a few T-Posts you will be glad to have it)

Vices assorted types(Yea Yea I know I have lots of vices)

Spare Hafts for the ax,hatchets and mauls (don't forget the wedges for them)

Vice grips X 3-4

Pliers x3 various sizes

Needle-nose pliers atleast 2 pairs

Plumber’s wrenches x 3 sizes

Fencing pliers ! get a spare set too

Tin snips 3 depends on the angle of the cut and size

Saws (bow saw + blades,hack saw + blades,cross cut,key hole,....)

Sharpening tools steels and a few good stones

Lopping Shears/Pruning Shears

Planes,spoke shaves,& draw knives

Pick axe

Breaker bars

set of ramps

hydraulic jacks

Chain hoist



Hoses & clamps

Assorted fasteners (screws, bolts, nails…)

Assorted O-rings

Assorted Carter pins and keys

And the ferret's rule of building,the one thing you don't have when you need it.

The Ferret

P.S. have I said how much I hate starting over?Want my old shop back ;(

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