Thursday, December 3, 2009


My Sister has managed to rust and about ruin a set of cast iron pots
that have been in our family for longer than my mother has been alive.
I found them down in her basement and asked why she was not useing them,
they stick and can't keep the rust off of them,she says.UGH anybody want a sister?
I spend a few hours with steelwool and reseasoned them.So you all get a fast How-To on cast iron.


1.Never put it in a dishwasher!!
2.Clean useing warm water and a nylon brush (I have one that was made to scrub veggies)
3. You can use a mild soap if you have to,but be very carefull.If the food starts to stick after
useing soap you know you over did it.You will have to reseason it.
4.Rinse and hand dry,do not store pots with lids on.That keeps the moisture in the pan and will cause rust.

Note: If I am still cooking I like to set them on top of the stove where the heat will dry them before I put them up.


1.Clean with hot water and soap and useing a nylon brush (You are reseasoning or a new pan so you can use soap this time)
2.Dry with a towel or paper towel
3.On the bottom rack of you oven place a cookie sheet or line with tin foil.Pre heat the oven to 400
4.Lighly and evenly coat the cookwear with MELTED vegetable shortening (Some folks say use only lard,but I have never seen any difference)
5.Place in the oven upside down on the top rack of your oven for 1 hour
6.Turn the oven off and turn the cookwear upside right and leaveing in the oven tell it has cooled.

A well seasoned cast iron pan will not stick and unlike the non-stick stuff it will not wear out after a few years.

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