Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Parched Rice

We were talking on another board last week about wheat and rice for your long term storage,reminded me of makeing some parched rice.

The taste reminds me of popcorn with a slightly nutty flavor.

My recipe:

1/3 cup white or brown rice
1 tsp.oil or shortening (bacon grease works too)

Heat a cast iron skillet(preferably)over medium heat and add the oil.Give the oil a minute or two to get up to temperature.

Add the rice and stir often for maybe 10 minutes. The rice will turn from white to translucent and then to varying shades of brown. This is the caramelization of the sugars in the rice. It is what adds the flavor component to your parched rice. You can make it as dark or as light as you want.

Be aware, parching rice can get VERY hot.

I added salt to the mix near the end of the parching process.If you want your parched rice to have a bit of seasoning.You could also add cayenne,chili powder,or Old Bay.

When the rice is finished,empty the skillet onto a plate and allow the rice to cool.

The Ferret

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