Monday, August 13, 2012

Good By old friend ;(

Well I knew it had to happen he had a good run,but what timeing. My Garmin eTrex I bought in 2003 finely gave up the ghost,it's screen went all fuzzy then just faded away.Won't hold a charge or power up. From the rivers and sea of NC,to the mountians in Va.and WV.,to the middle of nowhere in Maine,to parts of Canada and the hot deserts of Az. it never let me down.*Sniff Sniff*
But Damn it did you have to croak this week?Car needs work,got preps to buy and trying to find some land around here.

The Ferret


  1. I thought that old thing would have died long ago.I know it was dropped out of more than 1 tree stand.What is this about you looking for some land?you give up on moveing back to NC?

  2. Getting late here and this is realy not the place,but the short answer is Yep.I give up the ex-squared,her mother and lawyers win.They can have the place and land if I don't have to ever see any of them again.Don't know if I have given up on getting back to NC,but have my reasons for needing a place here.
    1.Don't think will have that long before it hits the fan.
    2.This liveing in "town" and renting a trailer is driveing me up the walls.

    I will try to e-mail you tomorrow tell the family hello for me