Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 10 Mistakes Of Prepping

10. Following the wrong advice: Many new survivalists become fixated upon the advice given by others.They read the latest preparedness book or blog post and automatically assume the advice given is the one true way,,Ugh,I call them the true belivers,their way or noway.People it is more art than science,what works for me may not be best for someone else.Read and learn all you can,then try it out and find what works for you.

9. Not eating what they store and not storeing what they eat: Many new survivalist fill their pantry with unfamiliar foods, thinking they will adapt their diet “when they have to” good luck with that. You need to learn how to prepare and use these foods you store now, so they become a familiar food to you.

8.Relying on their food storage: When they have their one year supply of survival foods put up,they think that’s the end.They use stuff from it,then forget to replace it.LOL,or they forget to rotate it next thing you know you have 10 y/o greenbeans(you know who you are).

7. No Salt - or not enought of it.Come on people you can't live without it and it is cheap and easy to store,will not even go bad.

6. Bugging out: I’m not real big on the whole “grab a bug out bag and head for the hills thing”.A BOB should be used to get you home,that is it.Try to use it to "Live off the land"well,I got a couple of names for that moveing target and dumb are the first two that come to mind.

5. To much stuff not enough skills:Ok I love my toys any guy does,but get real folks,and don't even get me started on the gun bunnies.One guy I ran into out camping was a real winner.The guy said he was tring out his prepps,good he scores 1 point.After watching him unload his truck and try to walk with the pack -20.Had everything in that bag but water and away to make a fire (that he could use) before I showed him how to use a fire steel.Guy never could get one going.

4. Storing only one type of food: Bloody hell,you live through the shit hitting the fan only to kill yourself from only eatting wheat.After a few weeks of that I would be ready to off myself.One more time with feeling,Store what you eat and eat what you store.

3. Not taking care of pets/livestock needs: Ok,this is one that just plain pisses me off.They are your animals,you want them to protect and guard you and your goods,stock up on feed for them.Livestock even more,not going to get much out of them if you can't feed and water them.

2.More Dollars than cents - You know them,when have all drooled over new toys.There is a point to stop spending,if it is not broke dont try to fix it.You don't need the newest toy,just one that will get the job done and last.

1. No Plan B: Otherwise known has putting all your eggs in one basket.All anyone can do realy is guess at what is comeing.True anybody that looks can see something has to give,,but fingering the tipping point would just be guessing.That said nomatter what happens murphy's law will be alive and well.Don't get so locked into a place (or a idea),they just might bury you on it.Always play the "What if"game,,what if you have to run,where you going to?How are you going to move? What are you going to grab/How are you going to move your preps(if you can)?

The Ferret

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