Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Got Water

WOOPIE!!! I got water back on,they finely got the water main fixed.You have not had fun tell you try to live with no running water for 5 days in the Az. summer.Was no real danger,I have my stock pile of crap,as one of my ex's called it,and a well down the road,so water was not a problem.LOL,now keeping cool without the swamp cooler was another story.

Water Storage

You read in books and around the internet you will find most places say 1 to 2 gallons of water a day per person.I got to call B.S. on that atleast in the heat here.Call it close to 2 gallons to drink just to stay hydrated,without doing any work in the sun.Another gallon or 2 for food prep and cleaning.3 to 5 gallons a day for dog and what plants I did not want to cook.HMmmm need to up my water storage around here.I was keeping 30 days at 5 gallons per day,think I need to double that.

Some ways to store water.First is the 2 liter soda bottles,we all got them.They are cheap and easy to move,but dang you end up with alot of them around.Me I have a mixed thing going right now,kind of small space.

2-30 gallon blue food grade barrel (somebody gave them to me when they moved)
4- 5 gallon water bags from wally world (Score,,2.50 each on the clearance table)
4 or 5 cases of 1 liter bottles- Just because they are easy to handle and get cold.
4- 5 gallon blue plastic camping water totes-no idea where I got them or how much I payed,they have been around forever.
12 - 3.5 gallon water jugs - Big SCORE,OK,I have been known to dumpster dive,found over 40 of them in a dumpster behind a store still full of water.They were out of date,Ok by me,they go home with me.Folks you should have seen it,filled my car up passenger side,back seat and trunk,I still left more that I took from there.I have given may of them away over time.
I also keep all my empty canning jars full of water

Bottom line,your going to need alot more water than you think.

The Ferret

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