Monday, August 6, 2012

Starting over AGAIN!

I have given up trying to get back the lost posts.Just going to start over and maybe move to a real hosting company,if I ever have the spare cash.HaHa you guys get to put up with reposts of rants,easier on me. ;) I have updated and added some more links and downloads did some general cleaning up of the blog.Now onward......

Advanced Stupidity

OK it is official,I have decided there is not enought chlorine in the gene pool. Was hikeing around the Grand Canyon a few weekends ago,passed some girl getting carried up the trail by EMT's.She had turned her ankle and could not walk.OK,fine shit happens,then I see her girl friend comeing along behind them carrying the girls shoes.Sandals,you know the kind thin straps and heels.WTF,it is a trail going into the Grand Canyon not a trip to the mall.

Case number 2 of to dumb to live.Went down to Page,Az. to get away for a Sat.,stopped off at Horseshoe Bend(one of my favorite places to hang out and kill time)now there is a walk from the parking lot to the river of maybe alittle over half a mile.Not a hard hike but no shade and can be a bit warm.I see a guy ahead of me shorts,tank top and sneakers,you know the normal tourist outfit.He just drops,plop on the ground.I run up to the guy,he is all sunburned,red in the face and not sweating,great it is over 100 and the guy has a heat stroke.I get closer and can smell he has been drinking,oh lovely what a idiot.I try to get the guy to drink some water and wear my hat tell I can get some help,he was haveing no part of it,said he was fine wanted another beer and tried to get up and walk off,*splat* right back on the ground.Ok you got the picture,repeat 3 more times before I give up.Lucky for that guy found a ranger back at the parking lot.

I swear the next one I see I am just going to walk up and say "Here's your sign"and keep going.

The Ferret

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