Sunday, November 22, 2009


When you discuss the idea of preparing for disasters most people blow off the discussion as either irrelevant ("I'll never be in a disaster") or paranoia ("Are you one of those survivalist guys?"). Unfortunately, the lone gun nut with a backpack or bunker is the image that most people have of those who do prep for hard times. The survivalist is often caricatured as loner, paranoid, and violent.

What I advocate for is preparation, not survivalism. It is a simple philosophy. Be able to take of yourself so you can take care of others. The best preparations you can make are in the social and educational areas. Leadership, planning, and group organizing skills. It is not enough to have a survival kit and a gun. One can't live forever out of a pack, and once you run out of your meager supplies, your are simply a refugee with a gun, which makes you look like a bad guy.

The best chance for you and your's is in creating and rebuilding a strong community.

Found on the web:

FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) has put out a document that is a very realistic look at the possible events that might occur and what you can do about it.Not To Bad for them Click here to check it out.

The folks over here are hosting a nice set of Army Field Manuals for free download Click here

Some nice,free DYI plans over at Vintage Projects,I realy need to find time to do a few of these Click here

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