Saturday, November 21, 2009


Oh,where to start?

The preepy preppers who think they have to spend thousands of dollars for their BOL(Bug Out Location), a mountain of MREs and more fire power than they will even know how to or will need to use.The ones that carry everything but the kitchen sink in a BOB(Bug Out Bag)? The tinfoil army running around hollering like chicken little? Ok,alittle of all then.

More Dollars Than Sense

Frist off let me say,yes if you have the money get a place away from major cities,less people equals less problems.But do you have to have 25 acres and a home that is more a fort than a house? I don’t think so. You can cut it anyway you like but if a group of not so friendly people want your place and they have some military training,they can and will take it. Sure you can make them pay but the outcome for you is the same. If your BOL looks like a target you can bet it will become one.
MREs, they can have a place in your preps,but cases and cases of them? It may just be that I had to eat them way to often,but the thought of eating them for months at a time,,well I might just shoot myself. Buy and stock up on what your family eats.You can have a whole store in your basement but if it is not stuff you use and rotate out not going to help much.
Firearms,,I can hear it now us guys do love our toys and I will more than likely piss a lot of folks off later,,for now lets just say it is more the user than the tool.You can have a $1500 AR with all the bells and whistles still going to end up dead if the good old boy behind the tree with a single shot 12 ga. shoots first. A firearm is a tool like any other use what works for you but think things out. I will cover more on this at a later date.

Tin men (and women)

We all have seen them, we all know them and sometimes we start to become them.
They have a BOB that looks like they are going on a Nat. Geo. expedition rather than keeping alive for 72 hours or so. Another thing I’m sure to write more on but for now. Come on folks,put the bag on go for a walk not far just a mile or so. Now a few things I want you to think about when your walking.1. you have how far to go to your BOL? 2. How far could you run with that if you had to and how much noise you going to make doing it? 3. (The big one) want you to think like a bad guy you see 2 people walking one with a nap sack and a bed roll the other in camo and a big ass pack,,want to bet on who gets mugged or more than likely dead?

Chicken Little (or the sky is falling)
Yes we all know the shit is hitting the fan and Murphy was a optimist,or we would not be preppers and you would not be reading this.The cause realy does not matter,cover your basics (Shelter,food,water,fire and protection) the rest is secondary.Everyone needs to set down and do a threat analysis.What is the most likely thing that can go wrong where you are? OK,got that done? Now whatever you put at the top of your list,start thinking about what you can do to prep for it. After you have the basics covered.80% of your preps are going to be the same for any major SHTF type of event.This running around freaking over the next end of the world thing that comes down the pike makes us all look like nuts.

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