Friday, July 30, 2010

And the idiot of the week award goes to......

This guy,,just put out a sign free stuff come rip me off.

More and more Americans preparing for social unrest.

Full Story: Raw Story

From the outside, Jerry Erwin’s home in the northwestern US state of Oregon is a nondescript house with a manicured front lawn and little to differentiate it from those of his neighbors.

But tucked away out of sight in his backyard are the signs of his preparations for doomsday, a catastrophic societal collapse that Erwin, 45, now believes is likely within his lifetime.

Note to self don't go on TV or in the newspappers talking about your preps,,UGH then this idiot uses his own name.

Yep,, Jerry here is your sign "To Dumb To Live"

The Ferret

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