Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why I keep quite about my prepping,you should too

I don't know about you,but I used to spend alot of time agonizing over friends and relatives who turn a blind eye to the warning signs in the economy and general state of this world.Worrying about what will happen to them when it hits the fan and grocery store shelves are no longer stuffed with their dinner and the dollar is just good TP.I never could seem to get through to these people,and now,I would argue that it is better not even to try.I have many reasons for thinking like this and the biggest is that I am tired to hearing myself talk.But here are a few others.

They’ll think you’re nuts anyway.

You can talk all you like,but from their perspective,you are the one that is crazy,stocking up on groceries,guns,preps.and saving every penny. They are worried about getting the newest and greatest of anything and outfitting their kids with the very latest fashions and toys.I just want to scream and ask them what planet they are liveing on.

Some people choose to remain dumb.

We all know some of these people,call them the ostrich people,they have their heads in the sand(or up their ass,but I'll be nice).These folks tell themselves they’re too busy liveing their lives to pay attention to what is going on,and,at any rate,the problems of the world are too confusing.They can watch hours of TV shows and can tell you every plot twist,every little thing that goes on,who is doing what with who,but can't be bothered to watch what is going on in the real world.I give up,some are just to dumb to live.

Operations Security

Not to long after I started preping,the thought came to me that letting everybody and their brother know that I had a stock of food,might not be a good idea.I will cover more on OPSEC later but for now,how many people you want showing up at your door when SHTF?

Then there are the ones I call the flower children.

The "it can't happen and if it does the government will fix it" folks.Oh boy these are the ones I would like to slap upside their heads,One guy I know went thru getting flooded out in a hurricane back in '99(so did I) after all that BS getting screwed over by FEMA and the insurance commanys he still will not even store anything for the next time.He still thinks the government will take care of him.LOL,dumb ass was me and some friends in a boat that pulled his ass out last time not the govermement.Think I'll leave him next time.

Bottom line everybody goes to hell in their own way,who am I to try and stop them?I have enought to keep me and mine safe,do my little part with this blog.But other than that I'm with  Bison  last one in the pot wins,,LOL,but I think we are going to need a bigger pot.

The Ferret

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