Sunday, July 18, 2010

List For Beginning Preppers

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People are always asking where to get started with their preps,after a few hundred e-mails over the years I have come up with a simple list.Nothing fancy and it is not the be all and end all list.Prepping is a art and a science,what works for me might not for you,you don't have to have 40 acres and 5 years of beans and bullets.


  • Make your first goal a 30 day supply of the "Big Four"... Food, Water, Fuel, and First Aid.
  • Decide if you will BUG-OUT or BUG-IN and supply accordingly.
  • Prioritize your supplies based the most likely SHTF to occur in your area...flood, blizzard, etc.
  • Tell only trusted family and friends that you are prepping.(and only if you don't mind them showing up when STTF)


  • Store extended shelf life foods that do not require water to prepare!
  • Store What You Eat And Eat What You Store!!
  • Store foods that can be easily rotated into daily use as they approach the freshness date
  • Canned foods can provide meat, veggies, bread, dairy,and extra water.
  • A small camp stove can be used for warming the food.


  • 1 gallon per person per day just for drinking
  • Don't forget the water in the water heater.(Note:you should flush out the hot water heater every year,,ever see some of the stuff that comes out of it?)
  • If you have some warning, you can fill several 33 gal plastic trash cans and bathtubs for extra bathing and toilet water.
  • Water can be treated by using 8 drops of bleach per gallon. Boiling is good if you have enough fuel.


  • Kerosene\hurricane lamps are the best. Have one for each person with spare wicks and a gallon of fuel for each. This will be enough for the 30 day scenario.
  • Small LED lanterns and flash lights can be used for personal needs or task specific lighting.(Got Batteries?)
  • Generators are great,but very expensive to buy and feed! but worth it for short term IMO.


  • Do not use a camp stove for heat in an unventilated room. They do make "indoor-rated" propane heaters.Get a couple of those and enough fuel for limited use.
  • Warm clothing and bedding will do for most situations
  • Don't not use a charcoal grill for heating or cooking inside.
  • In a pinch,a large soup pot will make an emergency fire place if you can hunker down in the garage and vent the smoke out a window.
  • Having a few of those man-made fire logs on hand wouldn't hurt.


  • 12ga shotgun (I like a pump action)
  • .22 LR rifle
  • One heavy Caliber(won't go into the assault verses others here) I like a 30.06 model700 Remington
  • pistols,well take your choice but I would not go with anything smaller than a 9mm(LOL and for you out that that know me,,Yes I still have the old 1911 .45)

Extra Stuff:

  • Matches(strike anywhere)
  • Disposable lighters
  • Radio
  • Bleach
  • Toilet paper
  • Waterless soap

Your mileage may vary,but get started today.

The Ferret

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