Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays Gone with the wind.........

Getting packed up for the yearly family torture trip.I will be gone tell the 27th.

Got my free non-hybrid seeds from Emergency Seed Bank.com ,they had a free give away awhile back I found over at mdcreekmore's .LOL,Swiss Chard,,not my fav. veggie,I'll plant it next spring,,to late in the year now.

Ran up on Buckshot on another board,was glad to see he was still around had lost his links.For you that do not know him.He is a trapper that has some great info has well has selling traps and snares,books and CD's.

I was digging around looking for some para-cord and found Camping Survival.Com the prices look OK,but they are Veteran owned,,anything to help out other vets.Stop by check them out,order stuff and no I'm not payed by any of these 3 sites,,just places I like and know.

The Ferret

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