Friday, August 6, 2010

10 reasons not to have a gun in your BOB

Ok,I know this one is going to piss off alot of the gun bunnies out there,but before you start bitching,lets look at what a BOB is.The BOB is a 3 day (or so) pack to get you to your BOL or away from the local shit storm.A I.N.C.H bag(I'm Never Comeing Home)is another story.

1.The John Wayne syndrome or Rambo-idis has I call it:Yes a gun can make you feel 10 foot tall and made of steel,but get over it in real life you are a 6 foot(or so),2 legged animal that is very easy to kill.If you are bugging out you need to be a rabbit and not the bear.The best way to win a gun fight is not to get in one to start with.

2.If you are jumped by the bad guys without a gun you may just lose what you are carring,with a gun most likely they are going to shoot first and then pick your body.

3.Hell they may not be the bad guys,when SHTF going to be alot of nervous folks running around with guns.They see you comeing down the road looking like rambo,they might just take you out just to be sure.

4.Weight and space:3 days you are not going to be doing much hunting(if any),so carry more food and water.

5.Say you do manage to shoot a bad guy,cograts.You have just told his buddies and anybody else within a mile or two,where you are and that there is something there worth fighting for.

6.LEO's:OK now it is bad enought explaning to a cop you have a gun in your trunk on the best of days.Anybody what to take bets on how they are going to react when it has hit the fan?

7.Knowing you can't fight does wonders for your stealth and hideing abilities.Take it from me been there done that,you grow eyes in the back of your head.

8.The Military: First off 90% of the time they will follow their ROE's(Rules Of Engagement),but in a real grid down shit storm?They are out in the middle of nowhere for who knows how long takeing casualties.Well,not saying it will happen all the time but after awhile it gets to be shoot first,better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

9.Ammo:Most people are not going to carry anything close to what is needed for 1 small fire fight plus the rest of their gear.Nothing worse than to find you forgot to bring bullets to the party.

10.You can get shot,,Well DUH but it does tend to ruin your day.Also makes it kind of hard to make it to your BOL.Don't know about you but that is the whole idea of a BOB to me.

The Ferret

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