Thursday, August 5, 2010

Into the land of Tinfoil........

Whatever happened to the $385 M (that's million) contract awarded to Kellog-Brown & Root/Halliburton to build temporary immigration detention centers?

 You know,the centers to be built for Homeland Security for an "influx of immigrants...natural disaster or for new programs that require additional detention space."

 At the time this contract was announced way back in 2006, a Homeland Security spokesperson stated "It's the type of contract that could be used in some kind of mass migration." This comment was followed by additional comments from the Army Corps of Engineers.The Corps talking head said "the centers could be at unused military sites or temporary structures...and would each hold up to 5,000 people."Just so you know I have that about right:

 Our mainstream media has reported that the South of the Border workforce has been returning home because of our current economic situation and the Arizona law.With exception of the gulf(Half Ass anyway),the white house has pretty much blew off recent weather related emergencies,the oil spill in Michigan,so the states seem to be handling disasters well without any kind of new help from the fruitcakes in DC.

 So just what are these potential new programs that might require additional detention space?Who are these people that Homeland Security thinks/feels might be part of a mass migration?We are not birds humans do not migrate easly.Humans migrate for improved living conditions or at the point of a gun.

 Even back in the 80's with the Cuban Boat crisis,the Cubans were shiped to already existing military bases.Now True,little known military installations were used for this,and a detention staff was needed because Cuba took advantage of the situation by emptying its prisons and mental institutions and we had a huge influx of criminals and nut cases.Are we anticipating another boat crisis or something from down south?

 Better yet,who are these people who will need to be detained because of potential new programs?What new programs,nothing I have heard of?What kind of programs require detention space?Detention dennotes being held against one's will,and why would our government have a need for a program for detention?Just how does a government go about planning for an "unknown"event that will require detention,but gives them enought warning to build the places?

 It's the word detention that bothers me,frankly it smells.I don't think one would use the word detain if the government were providing assistance to victims of natural disaster.Perhaps the better word for this would have been shelter centers.That goes for whatever the government would view as mass migration.

 I don't know if any illegals have ever been "detained" in any of these centers supposedly to be built by KBR/Halliburton,or if in fact any centers were even built.The media is quite on the subject and from what I know about the handeling of illegals,is that most illegals were cut lose with a promise to appear in court,(yea right) or shipped back across the border soon after apprehension.I could be wrong this tho.

 I want to know the status of these detention centers.Were any actually built and are any of these sites manned by personnel?Are any U.S. citizens or non-citizens housed/detained in these sites?I also think the tax payer deserves an accounting of 385 Million dollars that belong to the tax payers of this country.

 I want to know exactly what kind of potential new program is being envisioned that would require the planning and operating of detention centers that could hold 5,000 people.Finally,who is going to man these detention centers if/when activated?Is this one of the new missions of Northern Command(and that is another one that scares the hell out of me)?Anybody out there have any answers?and I don't mean crap heard 3 or 4th hand.

Well what the hell did you think you were going to get?It is 2am here and I'm doing this on the fly,,but I still want to know.

The Ferret

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