Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's up?

Well looks like I may be moveing.Looking good for a job in Az,this has good and bad points.
1.It is a job,pay is not great but better than nothing.
2.Away from here.
3.My girl will move with me
4.Not many people
1.No home,will be renting a place,a trailer to start with.
2.0% or close to it for being able to grow any food.
3.Have to leave what preps I have here.OH well,not much saved up after getting divorced,guess Mom and company can use what I have put away.
4.It is the frecking desert,last time I had anything to do with that kind of land was almost 30 years ago when I did my survival training and playing in the big sandbox overseas.
5.Zip O on water,from what I am hearing it has to be trucked in,wells are to deep for normal folks to pay to have drilled.
6.And just for fun the job is on the rez.,so forget about being able to buy my own place,looks like about 50 miles to land that might be for sale.

I am getting to damn old for this crap

The Ferret

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