Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still Alive

I am getting tired of people who doubt that the economy is going to take another wild ride to the bottom. They do not make any sense to me. I am starting to shut them out of my mind. It is just a form of mental illness and I don't seem to be able to cure them. Their one shot at happiness is that they are not alone. They will have plenty of company when the SHTF.

I just saw that Bill Millin died last week.I know most people have never heard of him,but you know what he did.He was that crazy bagpipper that walked up and down the beach on D-Day playing under fire.Rest in peace.

The Old Boys ,RunRig

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  1. I completely understand your frustrations. There was a great book I read once. How to Lie with Statistics... It was a fascinating book that clearly demonstrated how easy it was to twist numbers to meet a desired result but they even admitted that there was a time that would come however when numbers couldn't hide every sin.

    Lumping part time employment stats with full time stats and then saying employment is up is a big strategy for the Canadian Government. Full time positions get canned in lieu of smaller part time jobs. (positions the company does need to pay benefits, health care or retirement packages on.... positions that can not support a person to live.) But the number of people working *a* job has increased. Thus suddenly our economy is on the verge of a magnificent boom. yeah ....right... sure... whatever.

    I am always amazed how willing people are to listen to the BS being spewed. I wonder.... are they truly this ignorant or is it easier living like an ostrich?