Saturday, July 10, 2010

Small Space Gardening

I am always being asked how to grow a garden in a urban area.Only answer I can give is grow what you can.Depends on how much space you have,and how much your willing to do.Where I am right now the home owner association has a cow if they can see a tomato plant from the road.So right now I only have a three pepper plants, some tomatos and a few potatos,I just keep the peppers and tomatos in pots on the back porch,move them out in the sun on most days.Potatos I am growing in some trash cans placed by the back fence.
In the house I always keep herbs growing(When the cats don't eat them),have a peach tree in the yard.Thinking about putting out a few berry bushes in the side yard.
You need to check out the folks over at their yard produces over 350 varieties of edible and purposeful plants. They’ve got solar panels, solar oven, cob oven, chickens, ducks, goats, and a biodiesel processor.

The Ferret

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