Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stupit Season is Here

Ah that time of year the sound of idiots going splat slipping off of waterfalls.
The screaming of another "Lost" hiker,the sounds and sites of the latest posse heading out to find the dumb asses.
Summer time in the mountians last week some hikers got lost this week it is somebody climing over a fence to get closer to the falls.Oh don't get me wrong I'm all for darwin removeing idiots from the gene pool,like number 2 there but getting lost well it can happen.
Just a few ways to make sure it will not happen to you.

1.Awalys let someone know where you are going and when you will return.Kind of a no brainer but have seen people reported lost when they desided to stay another 2 days camping.
2.Take along a small emergency kit.something so you can at least make a fire and shelter.I don't care of it is just a day hike,put something in a fanny pack and keep it with you.
3. GPS,,UGH Yes they are neat,yes they are easy to use and HELL yes they are going to break in many ways,most likely just when your ass is depending on it.Get a good typo map of the area and a good compass and learn how to use them.That said,do keep your cell phone turned on even if you are not getting a signal.Most phones today have a tracking chip inside and they may be able to track you useing it.
4.IF YOU THINK YOU ARE LOST,you more than likely are,so stop digging a deeper hole.just S.T.O.P(Stop, Think,Observe,Plan).Find a good spot (out in a clearing if you can),build a fire do what you can to make a shelter and wait.

The Ferret

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